Weekly Summary - Nov. 13, 2020

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Alright I'm on a two week stretch of actually writing about the week's studio adventures! (Last week is here, if you want to catch up.) Progress! 

I was able to finish one of my Seasons series last week:

"Seasons" watercolor palette knife series on round paper

I have had this round watercolor paper for many months, but struggled to find a good way to use it. I was excited when I stumbled upon this idea last week. Then I struggled with how to differentiate between spring/summer with just color, since in general I associate green & blue with each season. I think the addition of yellow helped brighten up the Spring painting and make it different enough from Summer that it works. What do you think? 

As I write this my cat is rolling around on top of old paintings on my art room floor, trying to nab his tail. What a goober. I'm not worried though, because those paintings are on the floor for a reason, which is my new project of the week.

My new obsession has been a large watercolor collage. I'd had an idea of trying to use old scraps to make a stained-glass-like collage. I had large a piece of handmade black paper from a local papermaker that could serve as the background. I'd actually thought this project through a bit and had sketched out the overall image I wanted to create, with basic color blocks. I knew it needed to be based on water, because I use a ton of blue in my painting experiments and had a lot to draw from. 

I finally bit the bullet over the weekend and pulled out the black paper to mark out my color sections and the overall plan. Then I started sorting through my old paintings, chopping them up, arranging the pieces and gluing them down. I had to just go for it, because trying to envision the finished product in my head wasn't working. I couldn't tell if it was actually going to work or be a total flop until I had a section or two done, to truly get a feel for the effect. 

And my verdict was: I really like it!

LBW stained glass watercolor collage WIP
I've actually made quite a bit of progress since this pic was taken--I'm down to the final sections--but I'm saving that for a final reveal. I've decimated my formerly large stack of failed painting experiments, and I'm a bit worried I don't actually have enough of a certain color to complete the top. I can make some paintings with the color I need to complete this I think though--overall it will still be a work of recycling, since all of these other paintings would have gone in the trash eventually anyway. 

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