Bold Watercolor

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In the interest of "work smarter, not harder" & "done is better than perfect" in 2023, I'm resurrecting some blog posts I started months (or even years) ago and posting them in whatever state they're in. 


"Bold watercolor" is what I've decided to call my style of painting. It's true on a couple fronts--I love to use bold, bright colors, and I am also pushing myself to be bold in my painting process.

Try the new thing. "Waste" the supplies. "Mess up" the beautiful first layer. 

I have multiple reminders as well: I hung a sign from an exhibit that I named "Bold Watercolor." I purchased a "BOLD" bracelet from a jewelry making friend I made at an art show. 

And finally, I had a mantra for most of 2022 that I repeated to myself and posted on my bedroom door: Fear no longer rules my decisions.

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