My coaching & my art go hand in hand

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When I was working with my coach last year, she explicitly asked me if I wanted to make watercolor my full time job, and I said no. Both because I think the struggle to make it sustainable & profitable would be incredibly hard, but also because I simply didn't want to put that type of pressure on it.

When painting is a hobby or part time gig, I can choose to not do commissions (which are stressful & anxiety inducing for me). I can paint when I want to. I can paint what I want to. It can stay a stress relieving, creative outlet, instead of an obligation.

I was nominated as a small business superstar again this year for my watercolor art business, but I chose to join the chamber for my coaching business. And when I signed up for the Small Business Superstar Showcase, I wanted to bring a bit of my watercolor business along as well.

It worked well because I'd never done an event for my coaching business before, and didn't have the set up gear like I did for my art. Here's what my set up looked like at the event:

small biz superstar table set up at union station 

I used some of my largest pieces to catch attention so people would come find out more. And then I could talk about two things I am passionate about: watercolor AND how you spend your time!

Because my art was pertinent in another way as well: it's one of the hobbies I make time for. And that's the message of my coaching business--you can make time for anything if it's important enough. And making time for fun, silly, profit-less things is still vital to us as humans. To do things simply for the hell of it. 

So whatever your hobby is, set aside some time this week to go do it.

Because the time won't magically show up on your calendar. But you can set it aside now and ensure you prioritize happiness, fun, and creativity this week.

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