Frequently Asked Questions

What is "palette knife watercolor"?

My preferred way to paint! I squeeze watercolor paint from the tube onto a palette knife, then apply it to wet paper to let the magic happen!

gif of palette knife painting with blue and green paint


How do I remove a painting from the mat?

Matted paintings are attached to the mat with acid-free paper hinging tape. To remove the tape, apply some water to it with a sponge, a brush, or your finger. Try to get the water only on the tape. Allow the water to penetrate the tape for a bit, to release the adhesive, then gently try to pull the painting away from the mat.

If the tape is not releasing, apply a bit more water, wait for it to penetrate, then try again. With the right amount of water and patience, the tape should pull cleanly off the painting, and possibly the mat. 

How are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped via USPS on Wednesdays. This means if you place an order on a Thursday, it will not ship until the following week. Orders take 1-7 days to arrive to addresses in the US. Most orders are shipped in recycled paper mailers. For rush shipping, please contact us for availability and rates.

What's the return policy?

Return any purchase with no questions asked within the first 10 days after receipt. Email us for return authorization. You'll pay return shipping, and full credit for the amount paid for the item (and tax, if applied) will be given after the item is received in good condition. 

See the full return policy here

Where should returns be shipped?

Once you have received confirmation to return your product, mail it to:

Late Blooming Watercolors
PO Box 7398
North Kansas City MO 64116