About the Artist

Jennifer Roberts watercolor artist in 2020

I am an emerging artist who took up painting only a few years ago. I am fascinated with the interaction of pigment and water, and so I prefer to let watercolor take the lead to see what beautiful things it will create. Once I started painting, I found I could not stop because the process is addictive. Even once a painting is complete, there is still the question lingering in the back of the mind: “But what if…?” And the only way to find out is to keep painting, keep creating, keep experimenting.

I gravitate towards creating abstract art without a brush as it lets watercolor’s inherent beauty and movement take center stage. The process of making my art is joyous and playful. This comes through in the works I create with my use of vibrant colors and simple compositions. I am drawn to color and texture and make these the highlight of my abstract works.

Like paint that can never be pushed back into the tube, I strive to always move forward, never backwards, and both my artistic process and my finished work embody this: once paint is placed, I rarely try to alter or adjust it, and my completed works are typically a single layer.

Transparent watercolor is a harsh medium: it reveals all mistakes and hesitation. Yet I learn life lessons every time I step into my studio: Be decisive. Never regret. Keep moving forward. We can’t alter or return to the past but we can learn from it and acknowledge how it shapes us.