World Watercolor Month is here!
World Watercolor Month is here!
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Don't Throw It Away

beginners supplies

I have the frugal instincts of a 90 year old grandma who grew up in the great depression and can't seem to let go of anything. My husband makes fun of me for cutting open tubes of lotion so that I can scoop out every last glop. I was using the handle of my toothbrush just the other night to flatten and push any remaining toothpaste up to the top of the tube, and he took it away from me and called me ridiculous. But I don't care, in fact I'm trying to lean into it. And I prefer to...

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To All the Watercolor Papers I've Used Before

experiments supplies

With my abstract art style, I tend to go through a lot of paper. It's easy to go through 6 or 8 pieces of 5x7 paper in a warm up session for me. To keep my costs down, I'm frequently buying full sheets and tearing them down to smaller sizes, because precut and blocks of paper tend to be a bit pricier per inch than full sheets. (Yes I'm that nerd and I really did the math once! Don't tell my mother or my former math teachers either.) I'm gonna harp on this again: paper is suuuuuuper important in watercolor....

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Down with white watercolor paint!

paint supplies

White watercolor paint is a freaking waste of time and space. I have some. I don't use it. Why? It doesn't work! In other painting mediums, white is used to add or restore highlights. But watercolor is transparent, so trying to put white watercolor over darker colors simply doesn't do much! You can still see the layers underneath! Thus: pointless. If you want to add opaque white as a finishing touch, you gotta go with gouache or acrylic. Or--as many watercolor snobs will tell you--you gotta keep the white of the paper for your whites. Now I'm not a tyrant--I...

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Pigment: the Scientific Side of Watercolor Paint

paint pigment supplies

It was a forehead smacking moment. It took me much longer than I really want to admit in this eternal forum of public-facing internet to realize that the letters in pigment names stood for colors. PB meant "Pigment Blue," PR was "Pigment Red," and so on. But that slow dawning of realization also meant that I will never, ever forget what those letters on my tubes of watercolor paint mean. All watercolor paint is made from powdered pigment, a binder (typically gum arabic), additives and/or preservatives, and water. You can buy the individual parts and mix your own watercolor paint if you...

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Supply Experiment: Watercolor Ground

beginners experiments supplies

If you're tired of painting on paper, watercolor ground is for you! I tried watercolor ground for the first time and filmed it for my little baby YouTube channel. It took a lot more time to prepare since you have to paint it on your surface and let it dry a few times before you can even paint on it. It behaves a lot differently that watercolor paper, but that also means there were unusual effects. It was exciting to go through the process and I totally nerded out while watching the actual paint move on the ground.

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