Weekly Summary - March 5 2021

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I'm back after skipping a week while I was out of town. Due to my trip, I accomplished little that's interesting over the last two weeks. I only kept up with my 100 Days Project, although I did miss a couple days on my trip, and did more plein air (outdoor) painting than usual. (Catch up on 2 weeks ago here.)

I'm fully halfway through my 100 Days of Watercolor Monochrome project. I'm excited to be moving onto another page of my dot card, and hopefully getting to change away from the warm red/yellow/orange colors I've been with for over 50 days. I was in the USVI last week and those colors aren't conducive to painting the beautiful teal waters down there!

Here's one of my favorite daily paintings from the last two weeks. I love the color and the way I painted it.

Passionfruit vine monochrome

The warm weather is why I did more painting outdoors than usual. I was recovering from the previous two weeks of freezing cold here in KC! I found plein air painting was much easier with monochrome because I had a lot fewer supplies to juggle! One brush, one color, one sketchbook page, one cup of water. I completed my daily painting outdoors at home yesterday as well. (KC decided to have lovely spring weather to welcome me home it seems!)

I tried to get back into regular painting last night, now that I'm back in my full studio with all my supplies, but discovered I am very blocked. I was excited to get back to it, but then fell totally flat once in the studio. I need to focus on the basics in the upcoming week, use reference photos, and try to take the pressure off myself. 

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