Weekly Summary - March 12, 2021

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Why hello again, Friday! Thank god it's the end of the week! Unfortunately, I don't have much progress to report again this week. See last week here.

Usually I get a lot of art-ing done on the weekends, but last weekend I took an intensive class that was intended to build a business and website in 48 hours. That...turned out to be an extreme oversimplification, to say the least. With as much copy writing as we had to do (it was taught by a copywriter, so there was an emphasis on that), most of the class was only able to finish about half of what she hoped we'd get through each day (if that). I also spent the rest of the week working on this site in the evenings. 

I learned quite a bit, and hope I can apply some of it to this business too, but man it kicked my ass. I was so drained each day. Creative writing is freaking hard work, plus during the week I had my regular full-time job, which was (of freaking course) actually kinda busy this week, so I couldn't work on any my side stuff during work hours.

a sphere painted in red watercolor

I'm also feeling very behind on this little biz too. I've been totally neglecting my marketing efforts, as well as my painting time. I did most of my daily paintings, and even had a few that turned out really well. I spent one evening doing more, and felt fairly good about what I did that night too. So at least my art was a happy place this week, since other things were so draining. 

I'm very nearly finished with my other website (it should go live later today if you want to check it out just for kicks: The VA Atelier ) so I'm hoping the intense sprint on that will be over. Now it's just on to steady marketing & trying to find my first customers! This means I should be able to focus on art & my backlog of marketing for this site too. So next week's goal (we're gonna be S.M.A.R.T about this one, dammit!) : do all 7 daily paintings, and spend more than one hour on painting at least 2x.

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