Weekly Summary - May 21 2021

art struggles weekly summary

I spent the past week working on getting art ready to sell for upcoming events. I painted a couple times, and got back to using my dot card for quick monochrome paintings as well. Last week here.

I focused on mounting paintings on board and matting a few others because tomorrow was supposed to be my very first Strawberry Swing event. Unfortunately, it's looking very likely that it'll be canceled due to rain. It's been cloudy and rainy here for days and days and it's not helping my mood or motivation. 

I went back to the doctor on Wednesday and discussed how I'm still not sleeping at all. We upped my anxiety med dose and added a new one in the evenings to see if it helps me sleep. So far it's been better--I've gotten more sleep the past couple days with this change, but it is making me pretty groggy in the mornings.

For my continuing adventures in monochrome (one color) paintings with my dot card, I've decided to put even more "rules" around it and paint only trees for a while. I put a lot of trees in my palette knife watercolor landscapes but feel like they always look the same, so I am going to push myself to paint at least 50 different trees to see what else I can do with them. 

4 monochrome sketchbook trees

I have the same basic goals for this next week: keep painting as much as I feel up to as my sleep situation allows, and mat the 5x7 artwork I didn't get to this week. Memorial Day is next weekend and I'm going to have a sale, so if you want first dibs on the discount, sign up for my email list below!

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