Weekly Summary - March 26 2021

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This past week was busy and productive. I painted, prepped art for a new collection release, and had some big news. I'm continuing a pretty good streak from last week.

I continued my daily painting with mixed results. Sometimes the dot cards fail me when there isn't enough paint for me to complete the painting I planned. I was pleased with myself for pushing through one day. My initial painting didn't look as good as what I originally envisioned, and for once I pushed myself to keep going instead of abandoning it for something else. It was a very uninspired landscape with a couple bushes at first, but I improved it a ton by adding a tree! 

 watercolor landscape in blue

This reminded me: I need to push myself to complete more paintings. My large stack of "needs more" paintings isn't doing any good unless I actually do something with them (and are probably actually causing me background stress since the pile only seems to grow larger). Maybe I can learn some painting problem solving if I commit to trying to finish more of them. There's always more paper & paint after all. I need to focus on the "learning experience" part instead of the "wasting supplies" fear holding me back.

I also completed the wax finish on my final two paintings that I plan to release this month as my spring collection. It's been rainy all week so I haven't gotten my pictures yet to actually get them listed in my shop & then announce it. And I'm running out of time in the month so I better get my rear in gear this next week! 

Finally, the big news from last week: I was accepted to have a solo exhibition in August/September at the Liberty MO community center! It will be my first solo show! It's scary-exciting. I will go check out the space this week or next so that I have a better idea of how much (and how large) of works will fit the space. They told me 15-25 which might be a bit of a stretch for me. I have been painting consistently, but it's mostly small, daily, monochrome works in the sketchbooks. I probably need to go through them (I have over 70 now!) and pick some of my favorites to work larger and build up more work for a show.

The city of Gladstone also accepted me as an artist for Food Art Drink on June 4 & 5. So this year should be the summer of shows! Finally! Since that was last year's goal and Covid made it impossible.

Goals for this upcoming week: get through more of my "needs work" pile. Stick with the daily painting, and pick 1-2 of them to try larger & with more color. Put up the white show tent my dad gave me for Christmas to practice before the first Pop Up on Delaware event next month. Take pics of the new collection, add them to the shop & announce them! (Email subscribers will get the first peek so be sure to sign up in the box below!)

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