Weekly Summary - March 19

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I accomplished my goal for this week as laid out in last week's post! I didn't miss a day of daily painting, and over the weekend I painted more than just that as well.

I spent a lot of time on marketing (as expected), following up with my assignment from my SCORE mentor, which is planning & scheduling out my marketing. I'm doing it in 3 month chunks to get a better overall idea of what I should talk about. Already it's been helpful because I have a tendency to get blindsided by events & holidays about 2 days before they happen, which isn't enough time to really showcase my art for them. I did that with Valentine's Day, but I'm not going to with Easter because this time I have a plan! And a schedule! 

I painted and played in my art room quite a bit over the weekend, which means I was back on my more normal schedule on that front too. It's just easier to find enough time to really dig into art when I didn't spend 8 hours at a computer earlier that day. I only have a tiny bit of energy and creativity left in me after a full workday. Last weekend was daylight savings time though, which made me extra tired. I do prefer this time of year, when the days are getting longer. I need the light! We have had a lot of rain and I can always tell because the slow pace of my businesses and career seem more hopeless after days and days of clouds. 

I am planning a new spring art collection, so I spent time last week getting the final pieces together. It's going to be all board-mounted art, so I had two pieces to mount to round out the collection. I also did some collage one night, using up old failed paintings.

rainbow watercolor collage circles

We're coming into show season, and next month I'll start attending the Pop Ups on Delaware again, plus applying for other summer art shows. I'm a bit disappointed I don't have more new art that I'm proud enough of to put up for sale, but then I remember I have tons set aside for that purpose. I'm practicing daily with the 100 Days project, but all of that ends up in sketchbooks, which isn't useful for sales. I'm still working on not putting pressure on myself to produce saleable art because that is counterproductive. For the last few months sales have been nonexistent anyway, so it's not like I'm going through my backlog at any rate. 

So for this next week: second verse same as the first. Do all 7 daily paintings, and spend more than one hour on painting at least 2x. I will also finish the wax layers for the two final pieces for my spring collection so that I can photograph & release it!

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