Weekly Summary - Jan. 1 2021

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Wow my first blog post of 2021, and it's on the very first day of the year. Last week here.

The bad news from the past week is: I made barely any progress on my MIL's commission. I started doubting my previous color choice & started a new background, but got no further than that. 

I did very little art-ing overall, although I did more yesterday with some of my new supplies from Christmas. I received a 100% cotton mixed media sketchbook I had on my wish list, which turned out to be better quality than I had realized. Overall, my experiments weren't successes, and there will be more of a learning curve with the new supplies than I anticipated from the videos that make it look so easy. 

My new challenge today: working with a roll of watercolor paper. It's a fight! The paper is rolled up so tightly that it wants to curl back up on itself from both ends. The plan is to work larger from it though--and my smallest piece so far is 18x18 in, and I have it rolled out & waiting to to cut 18x24 next.

Bee watercolor paper roll

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