Weekly Summary - Dec. 26 2020

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I'm a day late again, for multiple reasons. Catch up on last week's adventure here.

Yesterday was Christmas, so we had quite a bit going on, and not all of it was good. Our older cat Pallas has been in declining health all year. We thought we were managing it with a couple different medicines (giving a cat pills one to two times a day is...an adventure let me tell you!) but on Christmas Eve she took a sudden turn for the worse. We sat with her all day and made her as comfortable as possible, but any time we weren't with her she seemed quite unhappy. It was clear her time had come. I didn't think she'd make it through the night, but when she was still with us the next morning, but clearly in terrible shape, we decided the best thing for her was to go to sleep. It was a hard, heartbreaking decision to make, especially on Christmas. 

Pallas cat on desk

Pallas was adopted by my husband a couple years before we married and lived with his family while we finished college. She'd been with us our entire marriage and braved 3 moves and two different cat companions over the years. She was a tiny, sweet, affectionate lap whore who showed us she was pissed at us when we came back from long trips by peeing on our stuff. She used to try to nurse my arm while sitting in my lap, and she drooled and flung it everywhere when she shook her head, but you always knew she enjoyed being petted. She had over 14 years of a good life, and I hope she rests in peace now. 

So that was the major thing in my week. My art is basically on hold right now, both due to the chaos of the holidays and just my general desire for a break. I'm feeling guilty about dragging my feet on my MIL's commission, so I hope & intend that next week I'll spend at least a little time in the studio. 

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