Weekly Summary - Dec. 4 2020

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Well now we have our answer: it took 3 weeks for me to fall off the wagon of Friday's weekly summaries. (Last time here.) Whoops. In my defense, it was the Friday after Thanksgiving, and I took the day off most work. 

I wouldn't have had much to write last week anyway. It's been a disappointing and frustrating couple of weeks of painting, with nothing turning out how I want. I'm still incapable of getting the ideas in my head out onto paper the way I want them. 

I have been practicing my brush skills over the last week or so. I've been focused on watercolor palette knife painting for months now, so I'm sure my brush skills are rusty. It's probably a good idea to practice them more regularly than I have, but it's hard because when I do I just end up feeling disheartened with my lack of progress.

The biggest shopping weekend of the year was a disappointment too. Something funky happened with my posts on Instagram and nothing was being seen, liked, or commented on. And I have little reach anyway, so my biggest sale ever was a big ol' flop. October was a great sales month, but November was one single sale. 

Nevertheless, I'm trying to only wallow in my pity party for brief periods of time. This is a very unusual year with the pandemic, and it's my first year in business so I have no comparisons. I have to hope in a "normal" year sales might be better. 

And as always I remind myself to focus on the process of painting and not the outcome. To enjoy the act of bright colors flowing on the page and making beautiful mixes and shapes without me messing them up too much. 

So to end on a moderately positive note, here's my favorite section of a brush painting flop. I love how the soft edges make the white paper seem to glow as it peeks through. I also like the color combo quite a bit (cobalt blue, yellow green + golden yellow orange).

glowing spot in a failed watercolor painting

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