Weekly Summary - April 2 2021

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This week I was very busy with all 3 of my jobs so I didn't spend as much time painting, and did not accomplish my goals from last week. But I'm ok with that! I was still quite productive on the business side of my art biz. 

I skipped one day of daily painting and spent it on working on my marketing content instead. I try to write and schedule my social media content at least a week ahead of time so I can do it in batches. I use a tool called Hootsuite for this...but yesterday I woke up to some very bad news: they're changing their free plan (which I'm on of course) from 30 scheduled posts to 5. That's a massive change! And it means the service won't really be of any use to me in the future. I will sign up for their extended free trial to give myself a two-month stay of execution, but then I'll be figuring something else out, whether that's using one of their competitors or going back to doing it all manually through the app. (There were a lot of inconveniences to using Hootsuite anyway, so while it was definitely a kink in my routine and has me scrambling a bit, it's also not devastating.)

I spent time over the weekend and a couple nights of the past week in my studio, but I didn't follow up with my goal of working through my "needs work" pile. Instead, I got a bit obsessed with the first flowers of spring. I made a little arrangement of daffodils from my yard and painted it multiple times. 

daffodils still life watercolor painting

On Saturday last week I stopped into a local business after my bike ride with my friend and casually asked if they let artists display work there. They do, and they were interested in having new work in there right away! So I will be hanging a collection of my palette knife watercolor paintings at the Brewkery on Swift next week! This will be my first solo show! I might even plan an opening night reception for the next week or something.

I spent a lot of my time last week prepping art for sale, including my new Spring 2021 collection. It's now posted and available for purchase here on my site!

Spring 2021 collection preview

So I accomplished a lot still this week, just different than I planned. So that means my stated goals from last week still apply: get through more of my "needs work" pile. Stick with the daily painting, and pick 1-2 of them to try larger & with more color. Put up the white show tent my dad gave me for Christmas to practice before the first Pop Up on Delaware event (which is now next weekend so I'm out of time to keep putting this off!).

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