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Pop-Up Shops on Delaware


I participated in the Pop-Up Shops on Delaware over the weekend. It was super hot but also my best event so far! Ok, so that's only out of two total events to date, and the first one was a craft fair that ended up being the wrong crowd for me, but I was still happy with the overall experience.  I sold quite a few cards, one of my favorite board mounted paintings, and gave away a few business cards. It was really nice to have so many strangers tell me they like my art. Your friends and family kind of have...

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How a beat up baking sheet joined my supplies

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How did a beat up old, nonstick cookie sheet become a permanent fixture in my art room? "Billowing Clouds" was created with an old, battered baking sheet and experimentation with a non-traditional painting process: monotype. Monotype is actually a printing process, where a single print is taken from ink or paint spread on a flat surface. For this one, I squeezed pure indigo (always a favorite of mine), gold ochre, and maroon perylene pigments onto an old nonstick baking sheet--also a bit of a break from tradition since monotype is usually done on glass or an etching plate! Next I...

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Featured Guest Artist on Doodlewash

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I was the featured guest artist on Doodlewash yesterday! Doodlewash is a sketching and watercolor website created by another Kansas Citian, Charlie O’Shields. They have featured numerous guest watercolor artists over the years, and I got to be the latest when my article went live yesterday. It's the first time I've been featured on someone else's site (with a much larger audience than I currently have on my own) so it's super exciting.  The post has a lot more background on me, and how I got started with watercolor, as well as about a dozen images of my work, many of which...

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