How to Choose Art for Your Home


How do you choose the right art for your home or home office? There are two primary ways you can select art for your walls.

1. To fit in with existing decor / space

If you have a specific location in mind already, you will filter potential art for the sizes that will fit the space first. If you have an entire empty wall, it's easiest to buy one large painting. Or you can purchase a set of smaller ones, but make sure to arrange paintings and pictures in groups of odd numbers like 3 or 5.

After you determine what size & number of paintings you'd like in the space, next you'll consider if it will work in harmony with your existing decor. You'll want to pick a painting that has colors that match or complement the fabrics or other art already in the room. Pay attention to the frame as well--a gold ornate frame will look out of place if the rest of your room's style is minimalist or modern.

2. Because it speaks to you

The second way to choose the art you surround yourself with is by buying art you love and have a heart-felt reaction to. When you choose art this way, you will be drawn to a painting immediately. Maybe you love the colors, or find the subject matter extremely compelling or meaningful. Either way, as soon as you saw it, you were stopped in your tracks. When it's love at first sight with art, you buy it now and figure out where to put it later.

Of course, the idea situation combines the best of both worlds. Don't rush to fill an empty space on your wall, mantle, or shelf and you'll allow yourself to seek out the art that will make you happiest. Take a picture on your phone of the empty space on the wall that you'd like to fill, and make some notes on its size. Then as you visit art fairs or art galleries, you can wait for that connection to strike and simply double check that the painting's dimensions will fit.

Take your time to find an original painting that will draw your eye every time you enter the room, and allow yourself to build a meaningful collection that makes your space feel uniquely yours.

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