Abstract Art: the Art of Possibilities



I have been agonizing over this post for weeks, possibly even months at this point. "Abstract art" seems like such a huge concept to tackle. I have a bit of imposter syndrome about it as well--who am I to think I can define it? 

But then business advice for getting sh*t done rings through my head: do it ugly. Progress not perfection. And I finally decide that this post doesn't have to be My One True Manifesto on ART Forever and Ever Amen. I can write what feels right now, and I'm free to change my mind in an hour, a week, a year or more. 

Well then. Abstract art. 

Abstract art is the art of possibilities.

The end.

Just kidding! (Sort of.)

I stand by that statement. Abstract art is the art of possibilities. Often I think of my abstract art a bit like the ink blots from the Rorschach test: what you see in it says more about you than me. And what you see may be entirely different than what I saw or meant to convey.

I think all interpretations are valid and interesting. Your interpretation just adds to the richness and complexity of the work, and does not detract from it. Art is not pie--it's not diminished or decreased when we disagree on it, or if you take something different away from it than I do.

I am excited when someone points out a different shape or scene they see in my art. It's like those spring days when we would stare up at the puffy white clouds in the brilliant blue sky and find animals and objects in them. Perhaps your companion would agree they saw the same cloud rabbit...or maybe they'd be inspired to find a griffin there instead. 

In the end, abstract art holds more potential for interpretation than a purely representational painting. It's an enigma, it's a game, its a mystery.

And it's certainly never boring. 

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