Pop-Up Shops on Delaware


I participated in the Pop-Up Shops on Delaware over the weekend. It was super hot but also my best event so far! Ok, so that's only out of two total events to date, and the first one was a craft fair that ended up being the wrong crowd for me, but I was still happy with the overall experience. 

I sold quite a few cards, one of my favorite board mounted paintings, and gave away a few business cards. It was really nice to have so many strangers tell me they like my art. Your friends and family kind of have to tell you they like some of your stuff, right? But when people are just walking past, minding their own business, and they do a double take when they see your art and have to come for a closer look...it's a very rewarding feeling. I was glad my art resonated with people. I enjoy painting it and I am grateful others want to have it in their homes. I even had a couple people ask about commissions, which is scary and exciting since I've only done a couple for family so far. 

This was the very first time the pop up shops were held, and there were only 3 vendors on Saturday. We were filmed for a local news segment, and on Sunday we heard from a few people they saw the clip and that's why they stopped by. We also had another artist join us Sunday morning after seeing it on the news. 

The pop-ups are going to happen every 2nd weekend through October, and I'm planning on attending as many as I can. I've also reached out to a few local artists I know to try to get more participants because there's plenty of space and I want to see it get even more popular. There was no cost for vendors to participate so there's no monetary risk, just an investment of your time. If you're a local Kansas City artist, you should join us as well! You can email me with questions or for info, or contact OnDelaware directly through Facebook.

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