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The best website for beginning watercolor artists

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Gotta give credit where it's due right? And let's be honest, I basically want to be Tonya Lee, the woman behind Scratchmade Journal--the absolute, hands down, best website I found while I was just starting my watercolor journey. I'm impressed by Tonya's style, her generosity, and the abundance of research she's done. I do not have the patience do be so methodical, but hot damn do I appreciate the folks who do it so I can learn from them! I probably read her article on supplies for beginners half a dozen times when I was deciding what to purchase when...

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Featured Guest Artist on Doodlewash

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I was the featured guest artist on Doodlewash yesterday! Doodlewash is a sketching and watercolor website created by another Kansas Citian, Charlie O’Shields. They have featured numerous guest watercolor artists over the years, and I got to be the latest when my article went live yesterday. It's the first time I've been featured on someone else's site (with a much larger audience than I currently have on my own) so it's super exciting.  The post has a lot more background on me, and how I got started with watercolor, as well as about a dozen images of my work, many of which...

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