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154 giant hearts are scattered throughout the Kansas City area now through the end of May. You may see a few just going about your daily life, but it might be a fun challenge to see how many of them you can visit this spring!

The updated Parade of Hearts website is now live! It includes heart info, artist bios, and location info. The new app has GPS maps, the heart & bio info, activities, and offers as well.

The "Pass It On" heart is sponsored by PNC Bank & the Power & Light District. It's in a great location in Power & Light too, which I'm super excited about! It's actually across the street from the GPS location, in the plaza where they do the outdoor events & concerts. I visited it a couple weeks ago to see it in person!

Jen with the heart in P&L

The hearts will be out until the end of May, then they will be picked up for a fundraising auction in mid June.

My "Pass It On" heart page can be visited directly by clicking here.

My artist bio can be viewed by clicking here.

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