Nothing Can Compare


We had a brief spate of super cold weather, and even our first snow, last month. But now we're back to lovely, perfect fall weather: warm, sunny days with chilly nights. It's absolutely gorgeous living in an area where the leaves change colors. It's heart-achingly beautiful to walk or drive around and see the amazing variety nature creates all on its own every year.

Beautiful bright trees in front of a a perfect cerulean sky, or even cloudy days where the subdued light seems to make the trees on my street glow from within.

Golden autumn tree in NKC

The fallen leaves with their wonderful range of colors and patterns.

The amazing sunsets, with the perfect color gradient in the sky, especially with a glowing full moon on the rise.

fall sunset gradient with full moon

Or the way the evening light colors the clouds, in jaw dropping shades of coral, cotton candy pink, violet and blue.

Fall in the midwest makes me feel like I could burst sometimes. I try to capture it all in photos, and even though they never come out quite right, I haven't stopped trying.

fall colors at Park University

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