Weekly Summary - April 23 2021

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I'm running behind today so I'm going to try to keep this shorter than usual, and just include a short video review of what I worked on over the week. I've been considering modifying the format to focus on what I painted and use more images instead of words. (Last week here if you're curious.)

I'm struggling with life again here at the end of the week due to not sleeping again, dammit. I went to the doctor last week and have been taking generic Ambien for about a week. It was helping me fall asleep easily, but now I'm struggling to stay asleep. I'm waking up early in the morning and not really falling back asleep, so I'm not feeling rested still. And now the last two days I haven't slept hardly at all again, despite taking the medication! It's super frustrating and upsetting. It doesn't seem like I've found the solution to my sleeping problems yet, and lack of sleep just makes everything harder.

Luckily, I was feeling better at the beginning of the week, so I got more painting done this week than last. I even had an awesome productive evening on Wednesday where I was really happy with everything I created, and those are super rare! I would guess I have one of those about once a quarter.

So thank god it's Friday, I can try to recover a bit and sleep in tomorrow before my pop up at the Iron District. Fingers crossed I can get some better sleep this weekend because it fuels my life and I'm tired of being tired (see what I did there) and unable to function well.

Now I'll leave you with the video of pretty things I painted!

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