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It's been about a month since my last "weekly" summary (which, let's be honest here, had already stopped being weekly!) so I figured it was time to reinvigorate my blog with some fresh content and let you know what's been going on in the LBW world. 

June started off super strong with two big art events, but had a disappointing finish. I did a sidewalk sale event in Mission KS, which was a bust. I made my fees back, but definitely did not my enough to make it worth my time (and my husband's!) to sweat our buns off and wear ourselves out with set up, tear down, and the rest. I was supposed to do a pop up in Overland Park, KS with the Strawberry Swing...but it got rained out again! So I still don't know if those events will be worth it for me to do or not.

I scheduled a last minute pop up at the Iron District here in NKC on July 10...but that one got rained out as well! I kept refreshing the weather report the day before, desperately hoping it would change, but eventually had to make the decision to not risk it since rain was forecasted all day. But of course, true to form, the weather cleared up and even had the audacity to be sunny during the exact hours my pop up would have happened. 

So that catches us up to events that happened in between times, but there are also a lot of things coming up!

First up: tomorrow my first art gallery show opens and runs through August 13.

I'm scheduled to do the Downtown Overland Park Swing pop up July 31, and let's hope third time's the charm or I may have to throw in the towel entirely on these!

Then I have a solo show at the Liberty MO Community Center that opens August 3 and runs through Sept. 30. 

And finally, I have shows the first two weekends of September: the Best of Missouri Life event in the West Bottoms on September 3 & 4, and Art Westport September 10-12.

That's everything I have scheduled so far, but I'll probably throw a couple pop up events in there so that I can say that in 2021 I attended on average one event per month. 

On the personal front, my sleeping streak continues. I'm struggling a bit with the meds--they have been making me very tired in the mornings so I haven't been getting up to work on this site or personal business tasks before my full time job like I had been. I'm still seeing a therapist and doctor to tweak all this stuff and learn coping techniques, and I'm still attempting to not beat myself up over it (too much!) since that's probably what got me to the bad place I was in this spring. 

I am still very (very very) slowly working through the rest of my dot cards in small monochrome sketchbook paintings, and I've been practicing a lot of Chinese brush painting for a change of pace. I also did a commission for my step-sister, and donated two pet paintings to a local animal shelter fundraising event.  

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