Lunar New Year Clean Out Sale

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How was the start of 2022 for you? Did you make resolutions, declutter, or get a fresh start somewhere? 

Personally, I had no energy or motivation at the first of the year to do any of that stuff. I didn't take enough time off around the holidays to feel like I had the ability to recharge. "Same shit, different day" was dragging me down. 

I was also sick twice in 4 weeks, the second of which was a confirmed case of Covid, which meant I had to cancel a trip to see my mom in the US Virgin Islands. Being sick kicked my butt and I didn't do anything but recover for a solid week. 

So I may have missed Jan. 1, 2022 for a fresh start...but luckily there's another new year that I'm to taking advantage of!

For Lunar New Year I'll be doing some "cleaning" of my art. My style and abilities have changed since I launched my website almost 2 (whoa, really TWO?!) years ago. It's time to clear old work out to make room for new. 

Lunar New Year started Feb. 1 so the sale is currently ongoing on my site. Click over to the art page to see works discounted up to 50%!

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