I think about entropy a lot

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Entropy, noun: lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

Entropy is one of the most frustrating parts of life for me. No matter how hard you work at something, if you don't do it for long enough, your skills will decay and you will have to start over. 

Ok, fine. You don't literally have to start over, but it can feel that way! Your last memories of the time you did the activity are of you at your peak; then when you try it after a while away, your skills no longer match up with your memories. 

I see this in my singing, my weightlifting, my painting. The saying "if you don't use it, you lose it," is no joke.

watercolor abstract landscape in blue, orange, and green

I recently wrote about how it was ok to not paint all the time, that sometimes other parts of life need to take priority.


Then I went back into my studio & tried to paint! And it was a complete flop! It was like I had lost nearly all of the brush skills and coordination I had worked so hard to achieve over the past few months. So that was a disappointing realization.

I'm still not taking back my claim that it's ok to not do art for periods of time...but I might need to amend it for myself. I don't need to pressure myself to create amazing, large, groundbreaking works of art all the time. But...I probably need to at least pick up a brush most days of the week.

Because I don't want my hard earned skills to succumb to entropy. 

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