Fall 2020 Shop Update

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Are you familiar with the saying "the ever receding goal of perfection"? I think about this concept a lot because I have a tendency to only see what I need to improve on!

I have to remind myself to stop at regular intervals to look back and see my progress. I've been doing some of that in the last few weeks. I think because I cut back on my studio time some at the beginning of the month, I had more time to just sit with and review my work.

I had been working consistently for many months before this, and so when I take the time to sit down and look at where I've been, I can see the changes. I can see the growth.

Because I can see how much my work has developed in the last six months since I launched my website & online shop, I'm excited to update my inventory this week! I'm removing a few old pieces, and adding about a dozen new matted paintings in two new themes, all of which have been created in the last few months.

desert collection preview

Desert Collection

This new collection is inspired by the desert and desolate natural spaces. Finding the stark beauty of a harsh landscape and the inspiring colors in nature.

purple collection preview

Purple Collection

I love purple--so much so I even dyed my hair purple! Each piece in this collection features bold & brilliant purple, some with geometric shapes or high contrast, energizing colors.

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