Tie Dye Watercolor Cards Course
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Tie Dye Watercolor Cards Course

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A complete beginner watercolor project in 3 hours or less!

And it's as easy as 1, 2, 3: prep, pour, glue.

No more frustration with a long, slow journey to create a watercolor painting you're proud of. No fiddling with brushes and layers upon layers of paint (and waiting forever in between).

In under an hour of active time, three colors of paint, and only your fingers, you can make a set of 4 unique greeting cards with every color of the rainbow on them. Send your family and friends your quick, easy, and fun masterpieces--snail mail is making a comeback after all!

In this video course we'll walk through my process for making colorful tie dye cards by pouring and mixing paint directly on paper.

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