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Late Blooming Watercolors

Small Original Watercolor Art Holiday Card

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Surprise friends or loved ones with a unique holiday watercolor collage card!

Each of these cards + envelope feature collage work that includes part of an original watercolor palette knife painting. If a painting doesn't have a strong overall composition, instead of throwing it away, I cut out the most interesting parts and give them new life on these cards.

These collages are created on a blank card so you can write your own message inside, or select a message option to be stamped inside the card.

The images below are a sample of past cards. Each one I create is a unique, one of a kind work, and will vary from the pictures. 

Card dimensions: 4.1" x 5.8". Comes in a plastic sleeve to protect it during transit.

Please let me know if there is a color or message you are looking for specifically, otherwise you will receive a surprise card in the style of the listing pictures.

A stamped message inside can be added from this listing for an additional $0.50/card.